Sander de Bruin

I'm currently a


Data Scientist & IT Trainee.

Hi I am Sander, I currently am years young and incredibly curious to learn new things. At the moment, I am an IT Trainee at the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) where I work as a Data Scientist. I followed the Data Science in Engineering Masters Program at Eindhoven University of Technology where I specialized in machine learning.

In my free time you'll often find me in the gym, binge-watching the next new highest rated shows, playing videogames, tinkering with a micro computer or getting lost in trying to learn a new programming language/library.

You can contact me via email:

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Professional Experience

Data Scientist (IT Trainee)

2022 - Present

NS, Utrecht

  • Data Scientist of the Advanced Analytics Treindigitalisering team where we focus using computer vision projects
  • Together with a scrum team of Data Engineers and Data Scientists we are working on ATO (Automatic Train Operation). Using real-time object detection and image segmentation to create a map of the environment around the train with the goal to enable autonomous train operations.
  • Together with multiple stakeholders we are working on a automatic image inspection project. The objective is to reduce manual visual inspections, by leveraging computer vision models to detect possible defects in the pantographs and bogies of rolling stock.

Cloud Developer (IT Trainee)

2021 - 2022

NS, Utrecht

  • Cloud Developer of the Topaas team which is responsible of managing and offering collaboration tools for the all IT teams within NS.
  • Using Azure Functions in combination with .NET and NServicebus to automate aspects of the self-service platform. This includes but is not limited to assigning software licenses (e.g. Azure DevOps, Jira, Bitbucket), cleaning up unused services (e.g. Azure DevTest labs) and licenses, settings up tools (e.g. Azure DevOps Project).
  • Follow the IT Traineeship to work on personal development and get experience within multiple IT departments of the NS.


M.Sc. Data Science in Engineering

2019 - 2021
Average grade: 8.8 (Cum Laude)

Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven

A Computer Science masters program with a specialization in Data Science. During this program I followed courses about deep learning, process mining, security, data visualization and statistics. For my graduation program I researched a variational autoencoder model for program synthesis of industry-grade programming languages.

B.Sc. Computer Science and Engineering

2016 - 2019
Average grade: 8.3

Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven

A bachelor program in which I learned the basic principles and methods to develop software. The courses I followed range from web development to data modelling, app development, probability and artificial intelligence.

Cambridge FCE





A Tree-based VAE-RNN autoencoder for C++


A dedicated dedicated website for demonstrating the principles shown in the paper:

Autoencoders as Tools for Program Synthesis

React Flask

Auto waker (Work in Progress)

A automatic android alarm app based on your calendar schedule

2020 - present

A flutter based app that uses the calendar of the device to automatically set alarms based on events in your schedule. For scheduling alarms, the app considers any additional wake up time (e.g. for breakfast) and travel time to the event's location. The travel time is computed using the Here rest API and considers any mode of transportation.

Furthermore, the application can notify users the day before an alarm. Users may also customize many options, such as: the alarm ringtone, what days to schedule automatic alarms, snooze length, vibration settings, alarm volume, snooze length, between what times of the day to schedule automatic alarms and the application's theme.


Source Code Explorer

A web-based source code analysis tool


Software projects can grow large, too massive to interpret efficiently globally. This may lead to software developers losing the overview of their software project. It is worthwhile to analyze the source code on a deeper level, while maintaining a satisfactory overview. This web application provides a visualization of the project is desired to analyze your code in a way such that the quality can be improved. The visualization can help with code discovery, project management, quality assurance, software analysis, code coverage analysis and code execution optimization.

Node JS D3 JS

Certifications & Skills

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Programming languages

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